Get the Most out of your Headshot Photo/Portrait Session

17 August 2020

A headshot can be a powerful marketing tool so preparation is key.

Time taken to prepare for the photographic session is time well spent.

Preparation is key to getting the most out of a business or portrait session.  The following is a guide to help you prepare for your photography session.

A good rest the previous night will ensure that you are in good spirits for your headshot and will help your skin glow.

It is really important to think about what you will wear.  The obvious choice is to wear what you feel comfortable in but do think of what you might wear when meeting a client. Keep it simple.   Block colours look well.  If you choose to wear pattern then keep it simple. Well fitted garments are also important.  Wear a full polished outfit regardless of the fact that this is a headshot.  Avoid fashion trends.  They date quickly.

Keep make up natural and keep jewellery simple.  Try not to over accessorize.

Clients that normally wear glasses but don’t want to wear glasses for the session should remove them at least 15 minutes before the shoot to avoid red lines on the face or nose.

Remove any distractions like keys wallets and phones from pockets.

Think of your posture.  Keep the back straight.  Work with your best side.  Please let me know of any blemishes you would like to hide.

Relax and enjoy. Let the photographer do most of the talking.   If you respond too much you will have your mouth open and that may not look very flattering!

Rehearse facial expression and posture.   A half smile can work well.  A small squint in the eyes can evoke curiosity.

If you feel good you will look good too!  I look forwarding to working with you!